The ACEL Membership Experience

By becoming a member of the Association of Carriers and Equipment Lessors (ACEL) you become part of a nationwide organization that is helping raise the standards of the Philippine construction industry, particularly the equipment leasing sector. Membership also allows you to participate in ACEL’s various programs and events that include the following:

1. Regular General Membership Meetings

Members meet regularly during these GMMs to reconnect with one another, be updated on the latest industry (and ACEL) developments as well as some important national issues, and learn from guest speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

2. Technical Seminars, Webinars and Workshops

ACEL regularly holds technical seminars and workshops conducted by respected and experienced practitioners on key construction-related topics. Most of these are now being held online in accordance with today’s COVID-19 preventive health protocols. While these sessions are also open to non-ACEL members, Association members can avail of hefty discounts. Many of these seminars enable engineers who attend them to earn continuing professional development (CPD) points.    

3. Industry Events

ACEL is a leading supporter of the country’s major construction industry events such as the yearly Philconstruct expo series of the Philippine Contractors Association (PCA) which the Association co-organizes. Members can attend these events to learn about the newest industry developments and expand their network of industry contacts. Through ACEL’s participation in these industry gatherings (the Association, for instance, holds the technoforums that have become standard Philconstruct offerings), members can also actively participate in their planning, share their insights and make suggestions on the conduct of these events.

4. Government Relations

In line with its goal of contributing to nation-building, ACEL gathers its members’ collective knowhow and experiences to promote government reforms and provide guidance to various stakeholders in government. In this regard, the Association works closely with various government agencies to professionalize, not only the equipment leasing sector, but the entire Philippine construction industry in order to give it a world-class status.

5. Manpower Development

ACEL leads the way in providing top-notch training for equipment operators and supervisors in the country’s construction industry. The Association welcomes its members’ participation and contributions to this key activity.

6. Corporate Social Responsibility

Part of ACEL’s mantra is to continue providing support to our Filipino brothers and sisters, especially those who are in need of its expertise and resources.  For instance, in 2020 after two powerful typhoons devastated large parts of Luzon, including the National Capital Region, the Association immediately organized a task force that helped clear the debris blocking many of Metro Manila’s streets. ACEL, with the generous support of its members, also provides donations – both in cash and in kind – to schools, hospitals, homes for the elderly, and other institutions.  

7. Networking

ACEL members can utilize the Association’s various digital and physical communication channels to get in touch with other members. ACEL is a nationwide community that, aside from its Metro Manila headquarters, has chapters in Cebu and Davao.

Types of ACEL Membership

Regular Members

Regular membership in ACEL is open to any individual, corporation or partnership duly licensed and doing business as an equipment owner, operator, lessor and is actually engaged in the equipment rental business.

Associate Members

Associate membership in ACEL is open to those engaged in the business of supplying equipment, spare parts and materials for the equipment rental business, insurance, surety and underwriters, and those who perform allied or auxiliary services in the equipment rental business.

Chapter Membership

Chapter membership in ACEL is open to any regional, provincial, or city association outside of Metro Manila. It is composed of duly-licensed individuals, partnerships, and corporations that are actually engaged in the equipment rental business, supplying equipment rental business, supplying equipment and spare parts, and those who perform auxiliary services in the equipment leasing business; provided that, such an association has a minimum of five duly-licensed member and shall accept, ratify, and agree to be bound by the ACEL bylaws.

What are the requirements for membership?

  • Application form (contact ACEL secretariat, and 8631-3136)
  • License as lessor or contractor
  • Certificate of Registration (SEC/DTI)
  • Articles of Incorporation; if corporation
  • Copy of bylaws
  • Secretary’s Certificate/Board Resolution to join ACEL
  • Audited Financial Statement
  • List of Equipment

Does ACEL accept heavy or light construction equipment?

  • If light equipment only – with electrical/fuel for motor or engines, at least ten (10) units
  • If heavy equipment only – at least two (2) units or equivalent to 2000HP

How many years in business must a company have to apply in ACEL?

Companies applying for membership with ACEL must be in the business as a lessor/supplier for at least two (2) years.